Take Action: Help Stop Bill C-7

Speak out. Champion Equality. Share your Story. Change the Conversation.

We’re calling for MAiD to be restricted to end of life circumstances. Bill C-7 would allow for people who have a disability to die when they are suffering without first addressing the reasons for their suffering and the challenges they face in attaining a good quality of life. This is not how we respond to the suffering of any other group of Canadians, much less any other Charter protected group.

Get involved to promote the equal value of all people and all lives.


Download the partner advocacy toolkit and take action.

Speak Out.
Engage with media. Draw attention to your opposition to Bill C-7. Influence government. Act fast, time is of the essence.

Resource: Engaging with Media

Resource: Social Media Guide

Change the conversation.
Learn how to intervene when you hear others devaluing the lives of people with disabilities.

Resource: How to Have Difficult Conversations about Ableism and Disability 

Champion equality.
Champion equality by engaging with government about Bill C-7. Contact your Member of Parliament. Speak to your friends in the Senate. Be sure that the human rights of people with disabilities are front-of-mind when they vote on Bill C-7.

Resource: Meeting with your Member of Parliament During COVID-19

Resource: Sample Letter to your Member of Parliament

To learn more about how Bill C-7 threatens the lives, rights, and dignity of people with disabilities at inclusioncanada.ca/maid/

Share your story.
Share your story of living with a disability, and/or other forms of marginalization. Tell us how you suffer. Share how you thrive. Challenge the stereotype.

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Write Your Story

With a personal quote or a story up to 150 words, tell us how you or someone you know is flourishing. Anonymous entries are welcome.

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